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Coventures is a platform for entrepreneurship

Please note that at the moment there are currently no open positions at Coventures.

We're a community for entrepreneurs who want to collaborate in learning and development, leveraging corporate assets for more impactful projects, and in incubating impact startups. We seek exceptionally talented entrepreneurs who are skilled in both practice and theory. An entrepreneurial "get-things-done" drive combined with management consulting analysis skills. '

We launched Coventures to realize the true potential of entrepreneurship by building truly meaningful ventures together! Meaningful problems like climate change require collaboration between forward-thinking corporations and skilled entrepreneurs. We are building the playbook for this collaboration, so entrepreneurship can be applied to meaningful problems for achieving a hundredfold impact. 

We see a shortage of skilled entrepreneurs solving problems with a global positive impact. Truly meaningful problems are complex, require valuable assets, and deep domain knowledge. In short: solving them requires co-operation between two very different worlds where no bridge currently exists.

Coventures is building that bridge — a platform to bring together entrepreneurs and innovative companies to solve problems that are truly worth solving.

We are building an agency of co-founders and entrepreneurs (instead of consultants, designers, or developers) 

We focus on achieving tangible measurable business (instead of not so tangible "transformation", "brand benefits", ”design sprints”)

We have a network delivery model, where we can handpick required technical talent from our partner network to best fit the venture's needs. This means we're 100% objective advisors for the client.

We are looking for actual entrepreneurs, who want to build their own consulting business together with us. We operate on a simple revenue share basis, where we help you build your own business with our platform and collaborate on building more impact. And when you're ready to start your next venture, we have a strong value proposition for incubating that together with us. 

The career path with Coventures is usually two-fold: 

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