Mastering Your Next Year's Roadmap: Strategies for Success

Project and program leads, Chiefs of Staff, and COOs – it's time to get down to business as we prepare to build the upcoming year's product roadmap. In this webinar, we'll be delving into practical strategies to enhance the efficiency and alignment of your next year's roadmap.But why should you care about the product roadmap? Well, it's an essential component of every strategic business plan, and as we approach the end of the year, many professionals like yourself are already focusing on next year's roadmaps. Let's explore how we can make the product roadmap process more streamlined and effective.

Here's a sneak peek of what we'll cover:

🛣️ Different types of roadmaps, tailored to specific purposes.

🔗 Practical methods to align your roadmap with your key priorities.

🎯 How to connect your roadmap with your company's overarching goals (OKRs).

Our webinar host will be one of our Entrepreneurs Maria Petrova. Maria has over 10 years of experience delivering software and managing products that meet real user needs. She has held several senior positions in product management in fast-growing tech companies like Smartly.io and Zalando, and lately built one of Finland’s most successful product teams/organizations at Supermetrics.

Here's some of her career highlights:

⭐️VP Product Management at TWAICE & Supermetrics

⭐️Lecturer and contributor to the product management course at Aalto University

⭐️Featured speaker at the Product School

⭐️Experienced coach & mentor for product leaders.

Meet our host

Maria Petrova
Maria Petrova boasts a decade long career in software and product management, where she has been focused on building software products solving real user needs. Throughout her journey, Maria has made her way into various senior roles in product management, showcasing her leadership and strategic skills. Her tenure at renowned tech giants like Smartly.io and Zalando marks a track record of success and innovation. Most notably, her recent accomplishment at Supermetrics stands out, where she spearheaded the development of one of Finland’s most acclaimed product teams. Maria’s approach, blending analytical prowess with user-centric design, has been pivotal in her teams consistently delivering excellence in the tech industry.