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How to Find Product/Market Fit?

  • Riku Kokkonen, Entrepreneur in Residence (EiR) at Coventures, will lead us through the process of achieving product/market fit in real life. Riku has broad experience in the topic, and his description of the process will be backed up with both methods and practical evidence. Riku is accompanied by Evli Investment Manager, Pauliina Lämsä and fellow entrepreneurs Aki Soudunsaari and Marko Oksanen.

  • After watching this webinar, you will know:

    • What is product/market fit, and what is not.
    • How to build it up from evidence.
    • What are the roles of customer discovery, product discovery, and market discovery in the process.
    • How can we tell we have a great product/market fit.

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Meet your experts

Riku Kokkonen

Riku is a serial entrepreneur and venture building professional. From his 10+ years experience as an entrepreneur, he has gained deep knowledge in building science-and-technology-led businesses from the ground up. He is currently working as an Entrepreneur in Residence (EiR) at Coventures.

Aki Soudunsaari

Aki is a serial entrepreneur and start-up scientist, specializing in the art of the start, building, and helping growth ventures. He is the co-founder and head of the strategy at Naava Oy, an innovative and science-driven technology company, which brings nature indoors for better health and wellness.

Marko Oksanen

Marko has been involved in building digital products and ventures his whole career. As co-founder, product manager or venture designer he has been hands-on building 15+ fast-growing digital ventures in Helsinki & Berlin. Marko acts as the CEO of Coventures.

Pauliina Lämsä

Pauliina is a venture capital investor at Evli Growth Partners. Before starting as a VC, she experienced the startup scene from multiple perspectives by leading legal work at a fintech startup and matching private investors with growth companies. She also ran the no.1 startup accelerator program Kiuas in Finland.