Video | Bringing together entrepreneurs and established companies to create impactful businesses

In today's world, where social, environmental, and economic issues are rampant, it is crucial to create businesses and companies that aim to solve real-world problems and positively impact society. However, building such impactful ventures requires more than a good idea and passion. It needs a collaborative effort of people with diverse expertise and resources to address the complexity of these issues.

To bring together the necessary components to build impactful ventures, we must look towards individuals with the right experience – seasoned entrepreneurs. These entrepreneurs have used ideation, prototyping, testing, and scaling to build successful ventures. They have faced funding challenges, team-building, and navigating the competitive landscape. Thus, they have gained valuable insights into building an impactful business that addresses real-world problems.

Moreover, these entrepreneurs can bring a unique perspective to established companies that want to create growth and impact. They can help companies infuse an entrepreneurial mindset and skills that foster innovation and drive change. Entrepreneurs can help companies identify untapped markets and opportunities, create new products or services, and streamline operations to improve efficiency.

In this video Juho Vehviläinen, the co-founder of Coventures, shares his insights into entrepreneurship, and the impact an entrepreneur's mindset and skills can have on established companies. He stresses the importance of adopting a growth mindset and embracing failure as an opportunity to learn and iterate. He also highlights the importance of creating a culture of innovation and fostering an entrepreneurial spirit among employees.

In conclusion, creating businesses and companies that solve real-world problems and have an impact is a complex undertaking that requires a collaborative effort. We can drive change and create a better future by bringing together entrepreneurs with experience in building impactful businesses and companies with the resources to solve those problems.