Client stories

Building a product strategy - Case Turre Legal

Turre Legal prides itself on being Finland's most digital law firm and is specialized in service design and digitalization. They definitely did not lack ideas for growth and new digital business but needed some help with clarifying their strategy and generating sales through digital channels.

Turre Legal had a very committed team sharing the company's vision and values, what was missing, though, was a clear strategy on how to execute the vision and prioritize all the different pursuits. To say, Turre Legal lacked the blueprint on how to structure the idea into a concept and to create an inbound marketing machine around that concept to generate more sales.

Taking the existing product to the next level

We helped the client evaluate different growth possibilities and prioritized their digital endeavors. We also created a product strategy, which clarified how different ideas could be connected to the overall strategy. After clarifying the strategy, we started to build a blueprint to bring the most potential product to the market.

Having a partner who is looking at the product both as an outsider and as a professional product developer helped us to take our product forward. Marko was not afraid to call our customers to ask what they liked and disliked in legal services our competitors, and we offer. –Herkko Hietanen, Turre Legal.

2000+ leads with minimal effort

We streamlined the chosen product offering, refined the sales strategy, and prepared the necessary lead magnets to drive inbound traction around the product. We decided to focus on a single product and built an automated digital sales machine around it using HubSpot.

The inbound strategies worked well, and with minimal effort (and zero budget), we collected more than 2000+ organic inbound leads, which were converted into sales meetings within the first weeks.

A blueprint for digital sales

The blueprint for digital sales was made easy to duplicate for other products, and Turre Legal can use it independently in the future and ultimately remove the bottlenecks from sales and focus on service delivery.

Together with his network of seasoned consultants, we were able to move the product forward in a way we could have never done alone. –Herkko Hietanen, Turre Legal.