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Commercializing Codento's new customer-centric cloud service portfolio

Changing the service portfolio can be an effective way to update your business and reach new customers. But how can we ensure we have assessed growth opportunities' potential through our client's eyes? The answer is hardly surprising; we need comprehensive background work and a plan to introduce the new service to our customers.

Read on to hear how we helped our client Codento do the careful groundwork work and clarify their new service portfolio.

Updating Codento's cloud service portfolio

Codento is a Finnish cloud consulting company helping customers utilize modern cloud services. Codento had a newly updated strategy and plans to add Google Cloud technologies into their service portfolio. 

Changing to a new cloud platform with new services meant that we needed to look at the portfolio and see how the different services would be defined and communicated to customers. 

Codento wanted to make sure all stakeholders were heard and that there was a clear understanding of the customers' pain points. They asked us to give an outside-in view and challenge their thinking while clarifying service portfolio strategy. Doing rapid development work together with Codento and Coventures was paramount. After all, this cloud transformation was a significant investment for them.

Understanding what Codento's customers need 

To better understand the market where Codento operates, we did a market study by benchmarking companies with similar service portfolios. We found that the best examples were outside the target market, and other European countries offered us some great key takeaways.

But most importantly, we needed to understand the client's needs and how could Codento help their businesses with the new services. We conducted a series of customer material development rounds and discussions with customers to increase customer understanding. Our goal was to understand what parts of the portfolio and the communication resonated with customers and what areas needed adjustment.

Based on the project results, we created a model that helped us understand the common themes of the target customers, clients' maturity levels, and key elements of the portfolio that could solve the customer's situation.

Our work with Coventures really speeded up our shift of becoming a major Google Cloud player. Blueprinting the service concepts via the customer's maturity stage and their key considerations was a fresh approach. – Anthony Gyursanszky, CEO, Codento.

We let real customers tell us what they need

We wanted to validate the new service areas and the sales narrative with real clients as soon as possible, and Codento had the first sales discussion with the new service offering as early as possible. We got valuable feedback and insight from the clients.

We refined the narrative and the services under each four service areas based on discussions with clients, Codento employees, partners, and the management team. This led to a full-scale renewal of service portfolio stories in various channels.

Managing the service portfolio

As the new service portfolio took shape, it became clear that the systematic development of each area required management. Codento decided to appoint a leader for each service area.

We will also consider together what kind of resources the development, sales, and marketing of the service areas will require in the future.

Speeding up the sales with new materials

Codento now has a new clear customer value proposition and a structured way to assess clients' maturity to make selling new services easier. Redesigning the customer materials helped the team to kick off the sales.

We also formed a channel strategy and created a clear definition of each service area for the channels.

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