Eemeli Metsäntähti joins Coventures

Hi Eemeli, great to have you! Tell us how you ended up here?

After graduating from the Helsinki School of Economics, I started my career in a boutique management consultancy. Back then, I was mainly focusing on digitalization and how technologies disrupted industries and business models. I grew to understand how the world can be changed by innovative startups.

For the last six years, I worked within a large global consultancy and got to work with a broader context of industries, companies, and their value chains. I have also had the opportunity to gain international experience working both in European and Nordic countries. 

What is your main focus at Coventures?

I joined Coventures to help our clients with their early phases of venturing, and I will focus on helping clients identify ideas for third horizon growth and packaging the most promising ones into customer-friendly concepts and value propositions.

Why Coventures?

Definitely the possibility to be a hands-on part of creating ventures that have a real effect on peoples’ lives and doing it with a team that has substantial expertise and experience in the area we are working in.

Another major thing is that my Coventures colleagues are a bunch of great people who I share values and thoughts with. Besides, they are super fun to be around.

What gets your juices flowing?

I am also a big sports person and usually go for ball games like football or tennis. 

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