Eljas Pajamies joins Coventures

We are happy to tell you that Eljas Pajamies has joined Coventures as an Entrepreneur In Residence. Eljas is a business design professional and an entrepreneur with a foundation in human-centered problem-solving and data-driven design.

Tell us how you ended up here.

I ran into Coventures through Reaktor’s Fusion Ecosystem while working for a fintech consultancy. After learning Coventures’ approach to venture building and development, I was struck by how well it matched my skill set and career ambitions.

What sort of experiences have you had? Where does your background lie?

My path to venture building started in Switzerland, where I worked in the luxury consumer goods and technology industries. There I learned how to build company processes for supporting sustainable growth and create a culture for development. I further improved my skills in the management consulting industry in Helsinki. After gaining valuable experiences from multiple industries, Coventures felt like a natural next step for my career.

What are some of the most impactful ventures in your career?

One of my first “aha” moments happened surprisingly in the paper industry, where I was a part of a development team that redesigned digital services for forest management. The journey from understanding the customer’s problems to designing solutions that solved the problem while also shaping the company for better practices was an eye-opening and rewarding experience.

As an entrepreneur, how do you help clients grow meaningful businesses?

Every meaningful venture starts with understanding the problem from a human level, which means understanding the customers who are facing the problem. Human-centered problem-solving is paramount to every one of my engagements. 

My approach to development and venture building is always fact-based, hypothesis-driven, and structured. During my career, I have learned to use strategy, analysis, and human-centered problem-solving as generative design tools to help companies turn ideas into outcomes with long-term viability.

Why Coventures?

Compared to traditional management consulting, Coventures can offer entrepreneur-minded professionals a platform where they can utilize all their know-how in a meaningful way without losing their identity as entrepreneurs. Furthermore, Coventures’ resident entrepreneurs can build their network and cooperate with existing contacts to create optimal teams for their engagements.