Emma Grönlund joins Coventures

Hi Emma, great to have you! Tell us how you ended up here?

I started my entrepreneurial journey while studying at Aalto University School of Business by co-founding an online store and selling it after two years. Since then, I've been a part of building a B2B2C event marketplace as the co-founder and CEO, and a COO of a location-based mobile gaming company.

I have experience in building digital products for consumers in highly saturated markets in the startup environment. Now I am eager to use this experience to help more established companies. Coventures' mission about building impact ventures by combining entrepreneurial experience with corporate assets and know-how really resonated with me, and it was an easy decision to join Coventures!

Brag a little about your accomplishments!

With our co-founders at MyNextRun we built an online marketplace for running event discovery and registration. We were able to gain over 1,000 event customers in more than 30 countries and hundreds of thousands of registered users. 

In the early days of the company, I built processes from scratch to keep up with a fast 400% year-on-year growth in event registrations on our platform. 

What is your main focus at Coventures?

At Coventures, my main focus is to help companies grow their new ventures by validating the product-market-fit and organizing their activities to get there. All companies building digital products can benefit significantly from lean product development methods that are industry standards, for example, in mobile gaming. I hope to bring some of that mindset by benchmarking product development activities against how things are done there.

The Finnish game industry is world-class in building products. In a great product organization there's a clear understanding of what should be accomplished, and progress is measured in real-time with relevant KPIs. The number one priority is to make sure the customers' voice is heard by looking at quantitative and qualitative data. Risks are more controlled as new products are killed as soon as possible to limit the investment. I think there is a lot to learn from how these gaming companies work.

Why Coventures?

I want to be a part of a group of entrepreneurs building impactful ventures, and I feel that Coventures offers just that. It's a great community bringing together people with different backgrounds and expertise, and most importantly, an entrepreneurial mindset. 

Furthermore, it is important for me to work as an entrepreneur and do things that have a positive impact on the environment or society.

How about your downtime? What gets your juices flowing?

I believe that being in good shape and challenging myself physically on a regular basis enables me to perform at my best also in my working life. So I like to hit the gym as often as possible, and I'm also an occasional trail runner and biker. 

Also, I make sure that I always have time to spend with my family.

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