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Entrepreneur as a Service - Case Ympäristönetti

For over two years, Entrepreneur in Residence Asmo Halinen has worked closely with the team at Lassila Tikanoja (L&T), bringing his entrepreneurial skills to super boost their internal team. With Asmo’s help, L&T was able to formulate a clear product vision, effectuate, and double the number of users of their Ympäristönetti service. 

Ympäristönetti is Lassila & Tikanoja's digital service for waste management monitoring and development. The service allows businesses to review their waste accounting information and monitor waste management data and environmental impact at a highly detailed level.

‘’It is essential for us that our customers get more out of waste management data. We have an easy-to-use and constantly evolving digital service to help them understand the numbers," says Product Specialist Roope Koitola from L&T Environmental Services' Digital Circular Economy Solutions team. 

Focus on smaller customers with a new product vision

When we started working together, the Ympäristönetti service served L&T's large corporate customers well. However, it seemed that despite active sales efforts, smaller customers did not get enough value from the service and left after a 3-month free trial.

L&T wants to enable environmentally sustainable waste management monitoring and development for companies of all sizes. So serving smaller businesses better through digital services was an issue the team wanted to address with our help.

Together with the team we set out to build a new product vision for the service.

Product vision

Product vision describes the long-term mission of the product. Product vision statements should be aspirational and tell us the direction we want to take our product and what we want to achieve with it in the long term.

The statement should guide everyone involved in product development (product team, product development, management team, marketing, etc.) towards a common goal aimed to achieve with the product.

Smaller customers are now better served, and the sales process is more straightforward

Following the new product vision, the team decided to split the Ympäristönetti service into two; a stripped-down free version and a more comprehensive paid version. The free version now accounts for businesses with lower waste volumes and data needs. But at the same time offers an easy way to upgrade to the paid version digitally without the help of sales.

Also, large companies that need a lot of information on their waste management and want to monitor waste volumes, for example, at a destination level or track trends over time, will gain a lot of new information through the newly updated service.

What did we do? 

  • Entrepreneur as a service and a team lead
  • Customer insight research
  • Product vision update
  • Service development roadmap

Service development roadmap

As part of clarifying the team's focus, we also sharpened the service development roadmap and improved internal and external communication. It was important to us that our customers and the people working with Lassila & Tikanoja customers understood the benefits of services like Ympäristönetti and Oma L&T.

"Bringing Asmo on board to lead this team was a great solution. He has a wide range of expertise from different industries and provided the support we needed to manage and develop our product systematically.", Koitola says.

Lassila & Tikanoja

Lassila & Tikanoja (L&T) is a Finnish service company that keeps materials, properties, and factories in productive use as long as possible to conserve our globe. To do this, they deliver responsible and sustainable service solutions that make their customers' daily lives easier. 

Lassila & Tikanoja operates in Finland and Sweden and has more than 8000 employees working towards the common goal of protecting the environment.

Entrepreneur as a Service

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