From health business to platform economy - Case SYKE Tribe

When starting a new business, we often jump straight into choosing a digital service or a vendor and forget something vital. We forget to spend time figuring out what we really need and when that happens, the digital aspect of our business is left with untapped potential.


There are many excellent ready-made digital solutions in the market, but we frequently come across companies who can’t find a suitable solution among them. In such cases, a company’s entire business benefits the most when it’s built around a digital core which is why a service completely tailored is the best option. This is a story of one of those companies.

SYKE Tribe helps you to find your own training path

We all know regular exercise is something we should be doing but not knowing what kind of exercise program to follow often leads to either not exercising at all or exercising far too little. SYKE Tribe believes no coaching program is a perfect fit for everyone. 


SYKE Tribe, a Finnish startup, helps people enjoy their journey towards better health by matching regular people with training coaches in a new way.

"In the world of endless options, we want to help people find the coach and training style that suits them the best. Every human being is unique; thus, we need to identify a suitable training program and coach which is always a unique challenge." - Terhi Immonen, CEO SYKE Tribe

Digitality in the heart of the business

As SYKE sought to tackle a problem that others had yet tried to solve, there was no ready-made digital service that could have been implemented for it. The digital service had to meet various specific needs of different users, so a tailor-made solution came to be a must-have for SYKE Tribe. Later this decision to develop their own service made it possible to expand it into a digital platform (a digital heart if you will).

Sofokus starts co-operation with SYKE Tribe

Terhi Immonen, the CEO of SYKE Tribe, began searching for a digital platform specialist to aid in the development of their expanding business and found Sofokus. This collaboration quickly grew into building a roadmap for a platform economy -based business. SYKE Tribe has since been testing the honed approach on the market, and results have been promising.

Since the start of the co-operation SYKE Tribe has:

  • Had 382% increase in turnover
  • Become number 3 app on the free apps list on AppleStore (leaving apps like TikTok behind) and number 1 on the list of health-related apps
  • Taken their first steps abroad

SYKE Tribe has a long road to go, but the path is clear. SYKE wants to lead the way in the digital training platforms' market, unite coaches, and help people who want to achieve personal results. You can read more about their journey here.

Tomi Neulanen is a Digital Business Consultant from Sofokus Group. Tomi has 15 years of expertise in digital business development and consulting. Tomi is specialized in business design on the digital platform economy and other ecosystem-based business models. Tomi has a comprehensive understanding of digital ecosystems and digital economies.