Client stories

Kiilto Ventures is looking for partners to save the world with

Kiilto is a Finnish family-owned company with a history dating back over 100 years. Kiilto develops, manufactures, and markets chemical industry solutions for construction, industrial bonding, professional hygiene, and consumer segments. 

A major part of their vision for a brighter future is Kiilto Ventures. With Kiilto Ventures, Kiilto wants to ensure they remain relevant as a business for the next 100 years by finding new and innovative ways of growing. Kiilto Ventures aims to discover, develop, and scale innovations within Kiilto's core businesses' outer horizons by collaborating and co-creating with startups.

With our help, Kiilto wanted to understand what focus areas Kiilto Ventures should concentrate on when looking for co-operation or investment opportunities in the future.

Combining inside view with outside-in analysis

To achieve a comprehensive internal view, we reviewed Kiilto's internal materials and conducted a series of interviews with their stakeholders to understand what people at Kiilto thought the venturing focus areas should be. 

We appreciated Coventure's ability to bring useful insights through industry specific outside-in analysis.” - Ville Solja, Chief Business Development Officer, Kiilto Ventures 

To get an outside-in view, we conducted market research and studied industry trends, competitors, and relevant startups. These two views were brought together in workshops with Kiilto.

Looking for partners to change the world with

Kiilto already had a hunch of what the focus areas should be, but wanted an outside opinion to be sure they chose the right ones and have solid reasoning behind their choices.

“We were satisfied with how Coventures managed the project from Kick-off to project end. Eemeli had a systematic, straight forward and professional approach, which led to that the project met the set objectives.” - Ville Solja, Chief Business Development Officer, Kiilto Ventures 

As a result of this project, Kiilto Ventures is now starting to scan the market for companies in these focus areas and potentially invest or co-operate with the most promising ones. 

Do you have an idea or an innovation that would be brand new to Kiilto's customers or offer a novel approach to solving existing challenges? Read more about Kiilto Ventures from their website.