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Looking for the perfect candidate - Case RecRight

RecRight is a Finnish RecruitmentTech scale up. They focus on delivering an excellent candidate and recruiter experience through their video recruitment platform, also saving time and improving convenience for both parties in the process. 

While the people at RecRight were busy disrupting the recruitment business, we helped them find their new CEO. RecRight was already working with an impressive portfolio of leading global companies like Netflix, Uber, Finnair, and Volvo, but needed someone who would help them build and scale up their business and write the next chapter in their international growth story.

The need for a new CEO was urgent, and the RecRight team realized that writing and posting a job description wouldn't be effective enough and reach candidates with the right profiles. 

RecRight knew these types of roles are familiar to us, and that we understand what kind of skills and qualities are needed to build and grow a successful SaaS business. RecRight trusted the job for us, and we put our extensive C-level networks into work. 

There aren't many companies that have a high enough level of understanding about these types of profiles and the startup/scaleup/tech scene. Coventures is one of them. –Iikka Lindroos, Chairman of the Board, RecRight

To hunt down the perfect group of candidates, we used a mix of offline and online methods like highly optimized LinkedIn Jobs post and some good old headhunting. Through our networks, we found people who were passionate about helping companies grow by hiring the right people, and wanted to take on the challenge!

Coventures was genuinely flexible and listened to our needs during the project. In fact, it felt like Coventures worked at Recright for a while instead of them being an external consultancy doing a project for us. –RecRight team

From these excellent candidates, RecRight found their perfect match, Jussi Luhtasela. Jussi has more than 15 years of online business experience and has a strong analytical background. Most recently, he spent three years at Finnair and before that, several years at Google. 

Even though the recruitment process had several stages, everything played out smoothly. As a candidate, I was always well aware of what would happen next. I believe that by combining RecRight's video tool, traditional interviews, psychological evaluations and a take home case assignment, the people involved were able to form a comprehensive picture of me as an applicant. During the process, I was also able to get to know the company and the team well, although the whole process was carried out remotely. –Jussi Luhtasela, CEO, RecRight 

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