Matias Koskinen joins Coventures

We are happy to announce that Matias Koskinen, an experienced interim COO, has joined Coventures.

Let's give Matias a chance to tell us more about himself!

Tell us how you ended up here.

I have been aware of the existence of Coventures for some time and have followed with interest how Entrepreneurs in Residences help companies either grow or build new businesses.

The time was finally right, and when my previous Interim COO engagement ended, I contacted the Coventures team, and we started to explore what kind of collaboration we could build. And here we are.

What sort of experiences have you had? Where does your background lie?

I’ve always been brave enough to try and learn something new, when an exciting opportunity has presented itself. But there's a clear common thread: I’m often the right hand for visionary entrepreneurs

Credential-wise, I am certified in brain-based coaching (BBCC), an approved chairman of the board (HHJ-PJ), an Executive MBA (eMBA), and an IT engineer (B.Eng.).

What are some of the most impactful ventures in your career?

I have quite a colorful background, as many entrepreneurs do, and I haven’t been limited by any industry.

I was working with Mirjam Sokka of the fashion brand 'Kaiko Clothing' as an interim COO/CEO to manage their team of 20 and solve growth bottlenecks. Before that, I collaborated with Anssi Rantanen of the digital growth education company 'Growth Tribe' and helped him set up digital marketing and sales operations for the franchise.

I've also partnered with Kirsi Rothfors of a 300-strong volunteer organization 'Suhe' to implement digital tools and coach volunteer leaders. And advertisement director Lauri Laukkanen to produce and create music videos for Finnish top-line artists, such as Antti Tuisku. 

I am also involved in our family business, the construction engineering company Jonecon. To help me succeed in this role, I also started my studies of M.Eng. in Construction Engineering.

As an entrepreneur, how do you help clients grow meaningful businesses?

I've come to realize that businesses need two kinds of people. Those who drive the vision and big picture and those who organize and get it done. I'm the latter. 

Both qualities could be in one person – or a group of people - but it is pretty rare to be a master of both. So my skillset is the most useful for businesses that require those who need someone to drive things forward in an efficient and effective way. 

My impact usually covers both improving processes/organizations and leading digital transformation. But my clients have also appreciated how I clarify strategic thinking with my coaching and facilitation skills.

Why Coventures?

I believe I can provide even better Interim COO service with Coventures. Many times in my career, I've needed to consult with masters of other crafts. At Coventures, other senior entrepreneurs that I trust are easily accessible. I have the support of a community that is committed to helping me succeed. They can also join us in a project, when a need arises. 

And I am excited about that. I'm available for up to 10 days a month. Let's chat.