Paula Ylisassi joins Coventures

For over two decades, Paula Ylisassi has worked in the field of product leadership; creating and implementing customer-centric strategies, leading global marketing and sales operations, and helping organizations build new digital services.

She has a uniquely human perspective on strategy and product development, which has allowed her to successfully develop large-scale products with companies like OP.

Paula has now fully jumped into entrepreneurship and become a board professional to utilize and share her expertise more broadly. 

We are thrilled to have her join Coventures as an Entrepreneur in Residence! Let's hear what she says about Coventures and her role in helping our customers succeed. 

Hi Paula, how did you end up joining Coventures?

It was a matter of serendipity. I'm curious and always eager to learn and experience new things. Throughout the years, I've accepted new and exciting opportunities and challenges to learn, and Coventures felt like one.

Where does your background lie?

During the past 20 years, I have worked with, e.g., digital transformation, product management, strategy, innovations, leadership, sales, and marketing. 

I have extensive experience building customer-centric businesses, growth, and strategies in several industries such as the financial sector, management consulting, online games, FMCG, marketing communications, and advertising. 

What are some of the most impactful ventures in your career?

First, I have to mention Habbo Hotel, a virtual world and online community, which has engaged millions of teens globally.

Second, establishing the OP innovation and R&D center in Oulu. 

And third, the two growth companies I am supporting at the board level.

As an entrepreneur, how do you help clients grow meaningful businesses?

I help my clients build future strategies, innovate new products, scale their business, and establish a leadership that generates growth and impact. 

What is your area of focus with Coventures' clients?

At Coventures, I focus on helping our clients with innovations, products, customer-centric strategies, leadership, and growth. 

Why Coventures?

I love the idea of highly experienced people coming together and sharing a sincere willingness to help companies in venture building and product leadership. I genuinely believe that we can create a true impact with this kind of group and that companies truly need entrepreneurial ways of doing to grow and remain competitive.

You can read more about Paula on LinkedIn!