Sampo Lehtiniemi joins Coventures

Hi Sampo, great to have you with us! Tell us how you ended up here?

Thanks, it's good to be here! 

Our journey started when one of my former clients encouraged me to contact Marko and Juho. Right away, we noticed we share the same values, passions, and goals. Joining Coventures felt like a natural choice for me, and I wasn't wrong!

I believe in unlocking people's true potential now and in the future. Fortunately, we get to work with clients who think the same.

To make a change for future generations, we should always think about how to do things in a systematic and sustainable way. Instead of just talking about HOW to do something, we should actually DO things, and that is exactly what we do at Coventures. 

The best thing about Coventures is the platform of skilled people who are brought together with the people and companies who want to make that change. If we can help the individuals we work with widen their horizons and be great at what they do, we can help the whole organization to change. 

It's fantastic to be part of a fun, energetic team of skilled entrepreneurs who constantly want to learn new things.

Brag a little about your accomplishments!

I am a business strategist who has worked with the software and energy industry, retail and services companies, and growth startups.

For example, I was involved in designing Helen Ventures, which invests in companies that develop carbon-neutral innovations. There I got excited about growth companies and the ways to build them.

At Coventures, I am currently working with a company that operates in the middle ground between manufacturing and digital business. The experience and contacts gained during the earlier stages of my career working, for example, Microsoft, have proven to be very handy. 

All in all, I have a lot of experience working with corporations, their strategies, and product and service portfolios. 

There has been positive feedback from customers, partners, corporate management, and the teams I've led. I believe this is mainly because as a strategic advisor, investor and mentor, I first try to find out what motivates each person. After I know what that thing is, I can give them the right kind of guidance, support, and inspiration. 

What is your main focus at Coventures?

I want to help courageous leaders from established companies and offer them my expertise in developing, structuring, and prioritizing their businesses. 

I provide a perspective on defining strategic priorities and design ways to put them into practice. My passion is to support goal-oriented growth entrepreneurs who need support and extra hands to develop their businesses. 

I firmly believe that corporations have a lot to learn from growth companies. Growth companies tend to have a particular frenzy and drive to build and develop the company. On the other hand, corporations can set a model on how things are done on a large scale, sustainable, and long term.

How about your downtime? What gets your juices flowing?

I spend my free time with my family and friends. I enjoy nature, sports challenges, and building things. There is always some ongoing building project, but it doesn't matter because doing something with your hands relaxes and resets the brain. 

My hobbies also include mentoring young people at the beginning of their careers. I help them reflect on their next steps and achieve their own dreams. In the year-long programs, I introduce the mentees to suitable working contacts for them.

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