Samu Seppänen joins Coventures

We are delighted to welcome Samu Seppänen to the Coventures team as an Entrepreneur in Residence. Samu is an entrepreneurial-minded business professional with strong experience in start-ups, technology industry, venture building and venture capital. 

Tell us how you ended up here.

I came across Coventures for the first time when I was working in the venture building and venture capital industry in Berlin a few years ago. After learning about Coventures' way of thinking about venture building and talking to the team, I became convinced that joining Coventures would be a natural next step on the entrepreneurial path.

What sort of experiences have you had? Where does your background lie?

I've spent the last few years working in Berlin and London, learning how to build, scale, and finance startups and digital businesses. During this time, I have experienced the startup world from different perspectives. I have been an early-stage employee and product manager in startups and worked in venture building and venture capital business.

What are some of the most impactful ventures in your career?

My recent experience building multiple foundational fintech products and teams as one of Delivery Hero's early product managers has been one of the most impactful experiences of my career. While working at Delivery Hero, we built exciting fintech products that we launched in several countries in Europe and Asia. These products now serve millions of customers worldwide every month.

As an entrepreneur, how do you help clients grow meaningful businesses?

I have gained a good understanding of conceptualising, validating, building, financing, launching, and scaling up new digital businesses. I now want to use this experience to help clients launch new businesses and take existing businesses to the next level. 

Building a meaningful business starts with understanding the customer's needs. Conceptualising and validating solutions that meet those needs simply but effectively. Finding the right solution to each business situation results from a continuous building, measuring, and learning cycle. This cycle and its regular, effective use also create the basis for sustainable scaling and growth of the business in the long run.

Why Coventures?

Coventures' core value proposition is to bring the best entrepreneurial talent to help companies solve complex problems, build and launch impactful new businesses, and grow existing businesses. 

Coventures has created a new innovative platform model for venture building that brings all these talented people together. Joining Coventures as Entrepreneur in Residence allows me to be part of a community that works together on exciting projects for our clients, builds ventures with real impact, and provides excellent opportunities for personal and professional growth.