Tommi Huovinen joins Coventures

Hi Tommi, great to have you! Tell us how you ended up here?

Hi, it's good to be here! My background is in growth, sales, and digital business development. I've driven SaaS growth as an entrepreneur as well as a country head at a VC-backed startup. 

Over the past four years, I have hands-on helped numerous startups, and corporate customers build and launch digital products and services at a software development agency.

I obsess over product-led growth, as today, the user acquisition, activation, and retention are all driven (or should be) primarily by the product itself.

Brag a little about your accomplishments!

Haha, to mention few highlights, I gotta say Smarp and iZettle. Smarp is a leading knowledge sharing SaaS company I co-founded and which has since grown into 60+ employees in Helsinki, London, Stockholm, and Atlanta. 

iZettle is a one-stop-shop for small businesses offering card readers, e-commerce, and point-of-sale systems. At iZettle, in addition to our initial launch efforts, my focus was on scaling the business in Finland. I still feel a little pinch of proudness each time I use iZettle to pay for my purchases around Finland. 

What is your main focus at Coventures?

At Coventures, I will help our customers to grow and scale their business, focusing on clients who are on the brink of reaching product-market fit and are trying to figure out what to do next. 

Why Coventures?

The team definitely had a big impact on my decision to join Coventures. It was also great to jump right into an ongoing project and start working with clients from day one. 

How about your downtime, what gets your juices flowing?

I really enjoy doing something concrete, such as renovating apartments. It's such a great break from day-to-day work. I also like to make sure I stay physically active and work out a lot.

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