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How to sell your pricing model to the customers - Case Maptionnaire

Maptionnaire is a company founded by Maarit Kahila and Anna Broberg to answer an increasing need for city planners to engage the public and to get real input from residents. Maptionnaire offers a map-based survey tool, which facilitates simple and effective public participation.

Maptionnaire enables planners and researchers to collect, analyze, and visualize map-based data, as well as citizens to co-design project areas and express their preferences and opinions.

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The challenge

The new product was almost ready, and we had a strategic narrative on how to sell that. However, how would we introduce the narrative to our old customers? And how to change the pricing, what would it be based on? 

These were essential questions Maptionnaire was still grappling with, and Coventures was here to help.

Developing a dynamic pricing model

Pricing is a dynamic function, and pricing should be constantly reviewed. What doesn’t change as often is the value metric and the fundaments the pricing is based on. These can be explained in a dynamic pricing model.

Coventures helped Maptionnaire to develop a dynamic pricing model that made it easier for them to decide the right value metric, determine the pricing, and always to be clear on what the pricing is based on.

Getting the customers on board

Needless to say, you don't develop a pricing model without talking to the customers. While developing the pricing model, we helped Maptionnaire craft a sales strategy that would speak to both old and new customers. 

To support the strategy and the narrative, we crafted a more operational sales material with clear descriptions of the features. To further implement the strategy, we prepared for the sales meetings together and treated each meeting as an experiment.

It is always challenging to design a functional pricing model for a new service, with the help of Coventures we got a lot of good thoughts and ideas on how to compile the base for our new pricing model. - Maarit Kahila, CEO Maptionnaire

After each experiment, we sat down to reflect what we've learned and took those learnings into action when developing the pricing model and sales strategy further.

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